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We are eco-friendly

Imagine a more sustainable world, where green areas abound, the streets keep clean and the air is much more breathable. We believe in that future, that’s why we contribute to create more respectful citis through more sustainable housing which need less energetic resources and offer a greater wellness to the families.


To get it:


We use PVC, a safe material, whose use is widespread in sanitary and alimentary uses because of its stability, resistance and strength.

  • Not any PVC but KÖMALIT, a unique formula designed by Kömmerling, specially durable and resistant, but, above all, with an optimum ecological balance, free of heavy metals like lead.
  • We improve isolation and therfore, the energy consumption of housing.
  • We recyble the old frames and rejoin it into the productive process.
  • Less carbon dioxide to the atmosphere: A study of the Polythenic University of Catalonia reveals that PVC windows decreases carbon dioxide emissions by up to 161% compared to other materials.


LUMON glass for terraces and porches that JACEMA installs, can save up to 10’7% in energy consumption of heating, according to a study carried out by the Techological University of Tampere, Finland.


The new concept of curtains and sun protection elements uses research to save on the use of the planets’s resources: on the one hand, the durability of the materials allows its use for a long time and, on the other hand, the control of the incidence of the sun and temperature with the new smart tissues and the functional design of structures makes possible a considerable saving in the electrical consumption of home, establishment and office.



We are a family

The workforce of JACEMA is the same as more than 30 years ago. We have shared, all together, almost a lifetime, with its challenges, its changes and its joys. Working together to maintain a demanding growth rate and a high degree of competitiveness of the company, has allowed that everybody, from the most veteran to the youngest, have created a big story in which all our individual stories participate.

Training program

Innovation and competitiveness are fueled by training. JACEMA invest in the training programs of its employess, who constantly adapt their knowledge to the client’s needs, and, specially, to the techonology models which allow us to offer the most advanced and sustainable product.



Commitment to the community

JACEMA has grown up at the same time as the environment where it was born. Its enclosures have helped to create more environmentally friendly cities and more effective housing, but also, it has participated in programs to help local and social interest projects.

Improving every day

We are aware of the role of quality and protection of the environment, that’s why JACEMA has implanted, throughout ots trajectory, constante improvements that have allowed it to certify its methods of work, which has allowed it to obtain the marks Quality Management System UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 and Environment Management System UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004

We work only with the best brands

This level of demand is only met by experienced manufacturers and I+D+i departments in their production processes, which makes them market leaders.


to the customer.

For that reason, JACEMA installs since 30 years ago, all kind of enclosures of Kömmerling brand, european leader in PVC profiling for windows, doors, blinds and shutters. As one of the Profine Group brand, it has a rigorous manufacturing process, endorsed by the spanish seal of quality AENOR. Its systems meet the requirements of UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 quality stand of UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004 environmental management.

With the GREENLINE concept, the customer makes sure that their doors and windows are manufactured with total respect for the environment based on three requirements: a PVC with ecological stabilizers, new technologies applied to insulation and recycling of old racks.

The Finnish multinational, leader in the manufacture of terraces and porches, offers us the confidence of materials obtained after a refined proccess of improvement, which has studied every detail to achieve the best design and durability.


LUMON has been in the AAA credit category for years. This is the highest rating and it’s only given to the most solid companies and with a great capacity to face their financial commitments.


The LUMON glazings have achieved the ETA-06/0019 European Technical Approval. LUMON is the first system of glass curtains in Europe that gets the approval and CE (Conformitte European)

The commitment of the SAXUN brand of curtains and blinds, pergolasand sun protection, has made us trust in her system of constant improvement of production processes, based on design and technique.